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Leo Li Duan

I’m a statistician interested in the generalized Bayes models and graph modeling. The current push is to build more flexible and robust models for complex data arising from machine learning, biomedical research and neuroscience.

I work as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics at University of Florida. Previously I was a postdoc associate in Duke University, working with Prof. David Dunson on Bayesian modeling for complex data. I obtained my PhD from Department of Mathematics at University of Cincinnati in 2015, studying non-parametric Bayes and working with Profs. Rhonda Szczesniak and Xia Wang.

Email: *li dot duan at ufl dot edu*

Research Interests

Spring 2020 Link to STA7934.

Fall 2019 Link to STA4322 / STA5328.

Spring 2019 Link to STA4321 / STA5325.



Optimization-based Bayesian Models (& Computation)
Non-parametric Bayes + ???:
Scalable Bayes: